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Guns N Roses World Tour 2010 T Shirt XXL


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One Guns N' Roses T Shirt, size XXL, extremely rare (only sold at the Dublin gig, September 1st 2010) and never worn. Brilliant example and lovely design.

This is your chance to own a piece of GNR History, as this gig was marred in controversial circumstances, and the reason I am selling it is to recoup some losses I made as a result.

You may have read about it and taught 'I'd love a T Shirt from that gig!' - this is your chance

It's official, and is from a real 'I Wish I Was There GNR Gig' - I'm an honest fan, seen them a few times, and don't want to exploit anyone, just want to make some costs back so I can afford to see them again

It's a size XXL, and it can fit anyone, and I'm basically looking to sell it to a GNR fan who is looking for a piece of history since these t shirts won't be sold in these colours or with this information on them anywhere else on the tour and were only sold in Dublin

Anyone interested? Let me know



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That's not rare. It was sold at both Reading and Leeds gigs.

You know there was another design, similar, except on the back it had an EU flag and European dates...this was a slightly different design from that

I have to say I'm a bit shocked to hear that, I would have felt that selling it at those gigs would have made little difference....in any case, it's out of print at the moment (and there's no online GNR webstore on the site selling it)

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