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Guns n Roses, Vienna - September 18th

Fun n' Games

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No Hendrix...

from jarmo after the show:

Band jam before the Axl solo: (Purple Haze riffs/Another Brick In The Wall: Part 2)

wow, they went crazy

Jeez, are you serious? Were you expecting a whole Hendrix-show? Looks like they payed a nice tribute to him.

no no, they went crazy. riffs and all

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01. Chinese Democracy

02. Welcome To The Jungle

03. It's So Easy

04. Mr. Brownstone

05. Sorry

06. Better

07. Richard Fortus Solo (James Bond Theme)

08. Live And Let Die

09. This I Love

10. Rocket Queen

11. Dizzy Reed Solo

12. Street Of Dreams

13. You Could Be Mine

14. DJ Ashba Solo (Ballad Of Death)

15. Sweet Child O' Mine

16. Jam (Purple Haze riffs/Another Brick In The Wall: Part 2) / Axl Solo (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road/Someone Saved My Life Tonight)

17. November Rain

18. Bumblefoot Solo (Pink Panther Theme)

19. Shackler's Revenge

20. Knockin' On Heaven's Door

21. Nightrain


22. Madagascar

23. Whole Lotta Rosie

24. Band Jam

25. Paradise City

* packed arena

* After Mr. Brownstone Axl says: What a great crowd, what a great audience. And all these girls....

* Rich & Tommy spinning around the drum riser [This I Love]

* During Kohd axl mentions bloodhound Gang from novarock 2006 and says vienna its the Best crowd so far at the European Tour

* Before Bumblefoot's solo, Axl sings a little bit of We Want The Funk.

* Sign in the front: Fuck Azoff, thanks for being here

Thanks to "Guns N Roses Online" (German fanclub) and jarmo/AdZ (htgth)

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^ Cool pics. Really really like that "rusty" LP Richard plays.

EDIT: The Better interlude scream changes once again... this is overanalyzing things, but now he kinda went the easy way at first, then did the words "only wanted you to see things for yourself" with the correct melody. Still don't like Ashba's take on the solo, but the lick from 4:06 to 4:11 is really good.

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