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hey guys i WANT to buy a 6 month account on rapidhsare but to my complete surprise, they make it impossible!

they vaugely explain what 99 rapids buy. can anyone give me more details please?

does 99 rapids buy 30 days with a limit of 30GB download per day? maybe 30GB for the whole 30 days?

i googled this but all i can find are scams for getting premium accounts for free. i don't see why they make it so hard


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As I see it, it's 99 rapids for 30 days RapidPro, which gives you 10 GB online storage and 30 GB of downloading with you RapidPro account. If you download more than 30 GB before the 30 days, you have to download with standard speed etc. the rest of the month. Or you can buy additional traffic. I don't know if that's right, just how I see it.

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