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Glee Cast Breaks Beatles Record


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glee cast breaks beatles record

The greatest band in music history has been topped by auto-tuned TV Gleeks. With the unveiling of this week's Billboard Hot 100, the cast of Glee will be the group with the most entries on the chart in its 52-year history. With 71 singles in the Hot 100, The Beatles were the former record-holders.

But, with six new charted entries (five Britney Spears covers and a version of Paramore's "The Only Exception"), the Glee cast have upped their total to 75 Hot 100 appearances

The Beatles scored their entries between 1964 and 1996 (with the release of "Real Love" from Anthology 2), whereas the folks from Glee have achieved their sum in an impressive one year, four months and two weeks, according to Billboard.com.

Of course, The Beatles actually contributed to the Glee cast's success. Their cover of "Hello Goodbye" is one of their entries – and they'll likely have another next week, with their take on "I Want To Hold Your Hand."

But Glee isn't even close to catching The Beatles' tally of 34 Top 10 entries in the Hot 100. The cast of the Fox television can only claim one of those (with the #4 cover of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'").

Thanks for the report to Bryan Wawzenek, Gibson.com.

Stuff like this is always good for a little chuckle. Good for them I guess. :shrugs:

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I really don't get what's the deal with this 'Glee' show. I'm a sucker for TV series and I hated Glee so that's saying a lot. I watched the whole first season of 'Glee' and I thought it was really boring and the characters really dull. :shrugs:

Am I supposed to watch a show for a bunch of cover songs? How about I listen to the originals instead.

Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch's character) though is brilliant. The only awesome thing about Glee.

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If the show has to pay for the publishing, and on top of that people are downloading the cover songs AND the originals? Britney showed up to do a 30 second walk on, which prob. was another 6 figures for 2 hours work...cha-ching!

Jane Lynch is/was on Saturday Night Live tonight

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Guest Len B'stard

People get their seats all squelchy over this kinda shit, i have no idea why. As if somehow The Beatleses significance or unfuckwitableness is somehow tarnished :lol: Didn't "Glee" make this record by covering a certain amount of Beatle tracks? Personally i think 99% of television is a pile of horseshit.

FACT: The Beatles are the greatest band of all time and nothing on this earth can change that. No one even approaches their relevance, the quality of their songs, their prodigiousness and prolificness (if there's such a word). I cannot think of any band or solo artist that could produce quality, honed and crafted songs like that on tap, literally, they were like surgeons of melody, it was like that, like a craft, they were tuned into whatever the fuck it is that makes melody work, instinctively. Most of the songs for the album Help! (i believe 9 to be exact) were apparently written over a 3 day weekend...WHAT...THE...FUCK? The magical Lennon and McCartney thing of sitting eyeball to eyeball and fuckin doing what almost amounts to just going line for line, section for section and reeling off classics like a fuckin production line is just astounding. The only thing that could stop them was themselves and in the end, that's what did. They defined an era, they made lasting resonant musically inventive and creative and testing art, they are one of a very very select few artists (with Elvis Presley and The Rolling Stones possibly being the only other i can think of offhand) in music that warrant a mention in the history books and by history books i don't mean music history, i'm talking about the history of the world, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr changed the world you live in for a fact.

Sorry, Glee, what?

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