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Guns N' Roses 14th October 2010 w/ Special guest Duff Mckagan


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Don't think so. Theyve been on stage for ages now.

Things are happening.

Twitter is hyping something BIG, and we were informed that Duff was in attendance.

Coincidence? Doubt it. :krider:

Hey, I'd love to be wrong. I just would hate to see people get their hopes up and have them dashed over just speculation and innuendo.


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1. Chinese democracy

2. Welcome to the jungle

3. Its so easy

4. Mr. Brownstone

5. Sorry

6. Shackler's revenge

7. Richard fortus solo

8. Live and let die

9. Band Jam / This I love

10. Better

11. Rocket Queen

12. Dizzy Reed Solo

13. Street of dreams

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When Baz says "serious shit is about to go down" that doesnt mean "yeah Duff is watching the show"

I predict a song with Duff on guitar. Could be any song really, not specifically one he played on.

If true, this will do wonders for Axls image. Fans think he "hates" all old Guns members. He played with Gilby in 2000, Izzy in 2006, talked to Matt and settled their past aggressions toward each other. The general public knows shit.

But anyway...your all lucky bastards if the rumour is true.

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