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Scott Weiland

American Psycho

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I do think he is underrated by many on this board.


Without him where would VR be today? they would still be seaching for a singer, sad but true.

The scream can be compared to the WTTJ intro scream!

fuck im sorry nut no mere words could do this man justice

saying tht tho last too times i have seen him he was wasted and kinda ruined it for me

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Absolutely. The diversity of his work is amazing. One of the reasons he's so great.

But, Contraband was so heavy, mean and awesome. What's the heaviest song he's done since? Probably something weaksauce like Take A Load Off.

The dude used to be able to rock with the best of 'em. Hope he rediscovers it.



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Scott is off on his own tangent at this point. His influences on Libertad, Happy & the self titled STP are eclectic but lack the punch of his other work.

He has seemingly put heavier material behind him to explore new-wave, country and other approaches. I'd dare say he's too much of a solo artist at this point.

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Scott's a great singer. Got into STP through VR, and realised how awesome he can be. Loved Purple and especially Core, there was a time (a few months back) when I couldn't stop listening to that album. Crackerman, Dead And Bloated, Plush, Sex Type Thing and Naked Sunday all kick ass.

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I like Scott when he's not trying to be like Axl, just being himself ^. And please dont tell me you dont know exactly what im talking about.

LOL. Are you thick? Scott (just like Axl) is one of the most unique and talented frontmen of the last 30 years. There aren't really any similarities and they are both great.

I still slightly prefer 12 Bar Blues to HAPPY but I love them both.

I think most people here who slag STP have maybe heard some singles from Purple/Core but nothing like Atlanta,Glide, etc.

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Shame? no, the man experiences with music as much as he does with styles, thats one of the reasons he's so great.

Exactly. You have to try new things and experiment as an artist Scott is great at doing just that and imo he succeeds at it.

Scott was the main reason why I even liked VR. I checked them about because of Slash, Duff and Matt at first and I just remember going "Who is that guy?!" I loved his voice, his looks, his movements etc. VR cannot replace Scott, they shouldn't even try imo.

I do prefer him in STP over VR though. His lyrics with STP are so amazing, especially on the Purple album and his voice is so fucking fantastic. Him and Layne Staley had the best voices in grunge music imo. I'm still hoping STP will come to Denmark or at least just Germany so I can see them, Scott is definetly someone I just have to see!

Check out the Rolling Stones cover Scott did with Santana recently. His fucking voice :wub::wub::wub::wub:

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