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What is your favorite GN'R music video?


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SCOM and Paradise City (with the nod going to PC). I used to video tape all my favorite videos in the late 80's (from Power Hour and Solidrock), and watch them full blast on the tv every morning before school until I had to go to the bus because I was scared being home alone (I was like 9-10 years old or so at the time). I can't even remember how many times I rocked out to PC, love love love that video. Never got into any of the UYI vids much though. Probably GNR's PC and Motely Crue's Wild Side must have been my most watched vids ever. Greatness

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Don't Damn Me needed/needs a video. It's the best song on either of the illusions and they never even played it live. I don't get that. :shrugs:

Yeah. It's a damn shame they don't play this live. It's one of the best gn'r songs for sure.

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