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Producers for next Guns album

Vincent Vega

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I'd love to hear what Ulrich Schnauss would do with the band. I somehow doubt it would happen though considering the little "misunderstanding" what with Guns sampling his work for Riad. He produced the latest album for a great Yorkshire band called Exit Calm. They're more of a Verve type thing compared to what G N' R is but the production on it is excellent.

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John Cale - there's 3 all time favorite albums of mine that he produced.

Rick Rubin - he does a good job at getting a band to work it out themselves and gets results.

Todd Rundgren - would be interesting to see what he'd bring as a producer and a musician.

Bob Ezrin - needs no explanation. I just think that it would be a little too tense between him and Axl working together.

Mutt Lange - needs to get back into rock music again, and get over his divorce to Shania.

Brian Eno - there's no boundaries with Eno. And Steve Lillywhite.

T-Bone Burnett - very successful track record as musician and producer. No one's ever said anything bad about him.

Nigel Godrich - also no boundaries.

Flood - I'm sure he was already considered. If not, he'd be the best choice for GNR.

Andy Wallace - not the most familiar name, but he also worked on a lot of favorite CDs of mine.

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If we're talking Chinese Dempcracy: part 2, then I think the production is done for it. Fresh material - Axl n' Ashba can pull it off, maybe with some help from a few people that worked on CD.

I think Axl learned a lot about producing and is now a lot more capable of doing a lot of those things by himself, getting the sounds he wants.

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Paul Stanley....but seriously, Bob Ezrin or Mike Clink. Or Axl and Ashba could produce it, although I'm a bit against bands producing themselves...Throw Jack Douglas in there with Axl and Ashba, and we got a great rock n' roll record with a few ballads and great riffs...

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