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Favorite Axl on stage rants?

Vincent Vega

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But in that one, he wasn't really pissed at anything to rant. He was just telling a story.

thats why I like it. I like his stories, he's a good storyteller. I don't like when he's pissed of, but this Chicago rant is really classic. I like the moment when he said "shut the fuck up"... :rofl-lol:

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"Now last night, what happened was 5 guys in suits decided in the Hyatt Regency Hotel that we were scumbags. They were right, we're scumbags, but that don't mean we're going to take their shit. So, first off this guy grabs me and calls me Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi can suck my dick. Second off, he tried to hit me, that's when Steven cracked him in the head with his cast and his words were, 'You never try to hit one of the family.' Then another guy tried to hit me and, come here just come out for a minute, our guitar tech Mr. Mike May (sp?) who laid him out in one punch. Then after that, they kicked us out of the bar and these same five guys holding ice packs on their heads blocked us off in the hallway and called us out again. He knocked the same motherfucker out twice. After that, the cops came and started arresting people that weren't even involved in the fight 'cause they had typical cop mentality. The reason I went to jail was because this real big fucking cop told this 17 year old girl, who they were trying to arrest her boyfriend and she was upset, that if she didn't shut her fucking mouth he'd kick her fucking ass and she was a stupid bitch. Pretty low, right, for a big fucker. Then he went to hit her and so to distract him, I told him to 'Fuck off.' This guy chased me for about 20 feet and then threw me 10 feet into the bar and I wasn't even fighting and it took 5 fucking assholes to hold me down. People wonder what we write out songs about. I think you can get the general idea when we write a song like Out Ta Get Me."

19.12.87 - Dane County Coliseum, Madison, WI

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This one, yes

But this one is my all time favorite. :lol:

It's like the two persons ranting in those vids aren't the same. It's weird haha.

Axl Rose from the 80/90's speaks his mind with an awesome flow, it's a pleasure to hear him talk, he's got the rage and he expresses himself very clearly and tries to extend his message for everyone.

Then he got older, got even more cerebral and less understandable, he hesitates a lot, is often out of breath, which makes him another awesome character but not quite the same. This older Axl Rose is too much aware of his character, he predicts everything, it's really strange, can't quite explain but he doesn't live the thing, doesn't quite live the moment like his old self.

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