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My Birmingham review has been published!!


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Good evening Gunners...

Well, at the very last minute I decided to go up to Birmingham to see the show, and after what amounted to be a 330 mile round trip and about 6 hours of driving in total, I couldn't have been happier with myself! I also offered to write a review for this online entertainments magazine; something I heard about after meeting a couple of it's staff in the Guest Area at Reading Festival this year, and partying with them for the whole weekend.

Anyway... It's finally been published, so please check it out and give me your honest feedback about the writing style etc, as I'm trying to forge a career in media/journalism/PR etc, so any constructive is greatly appreciated!!


My Birmingham Review

:thumbsup: rock1

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hey man!

the review is almost there,

because you left out the songs from Chinese Democracy!

remember? the tour is called "chinese democray world tour", and that is something, somehow all the critics leave out.

the songs from this album are, alone, each of them, hard rock songs! with the complexity that a few older songs from so called "past glory" of GNR can match, but maybe that's why, most of the critics don't know or simply can discuss them!

check this out http://www.heraldo.es/noticias/cultura/guns_roses_esencia_del_rock.html and it's only the introduction for the show,

but it's the greatest so far!

anyway, maybe next time, you'll focus more on the songs and not on the members.

cheers mate!

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