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Why didn't you tour India in 2009?

The Archer

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Hi Axl,

There was a rumor that you would tour India in 2009 but then there was word from the then GNR management that it was false.

Were the strict rules for show timings in most Indian cities a factor?

If they were, I just wanted to suggest that you might consider a show at Mumbai (it's an all night city) or on the beaches of Goa. (though honestly, it would be great if you could still visit Bangalore - the damn police here stop all shows here at 10:00pm). You would have people from all over the country travelling to see you perform.

It's just that there are so many Guns fans here in this huge country who have never seen you live and while you are touring everywhere else in the world, it's sad that you give our country a miss. Please visit soon!!!

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