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Did anyone here see the band live pre 1991?

Vincent Vega

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My Dad saw them twice. Once in 1989With the stones "ONE IN A MILLION" When axl opened with a speach about living color and again in 1993 "THE INCIDENT" when Duff got hit in the head with the bottle of WIZZ. Both VERY interesting shows. Cant wait til GN'R come to california or nevada!!

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I saw them in April of 88. They were headlining. It was my first real rock show and it kicked my ass. A buddy that I went with was able to track down a copy of the show so I have it on cd now. My ears rang for days and I remember someone hitting Duff in the head with a piece of ice and he looked about a step away from jumping into the crowd. It was in Danville, IL which is about an hour from Lafayette, IN. Years later I worked with a guy that used to be a coke dealer and he said he partied with the band after the show. I didn't believe him until he produced pics of him and Axl talking over a good sized pile of powder.

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