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Favorite song from the 90's


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Guest Len B'stard

Respect for admitting that shit man :lol: Nah, i think people are more musically developed that age and less bound by predudices, look back at the shit when you like when you're 7, more often than not its just random slammin' ass music, no correlation other than rhythm, kids are cool like that.

I was once quite fond of Always by Bon Jovi :lol:

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How is Live's catalog of music, Sunny?

they basically invented Nickelback.

their best albums were their first two. On those records they sounded like what nirvana would sound like if they went Nickelback.

their best album is throwing cooper. if you played it at a party, most people would recognize 3 to 4 songs, and the songs they don't recognize, may not be life changing, but are above average.

believe it or not, for about 6 months, they were the biggest band in the world; that's what i love about the 90's.

every month it was some other band on top.


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I loved Bryan Adams in the '90s. Admitting it is a bit embarrassing, especially to people face to face, but whatever man. He's got lots of catchy songs and an awesome voice. A hit making machine in the early '90s.

How 'bout Sugar Ray? I thought they had some catchy tunes and sounded pretty unique. Even though they released a couple of albums after the turn of the century they totally feel like a '90s band, it was so long ago.

I hated with a passion that New Radicals song that Sunny posted.

And Praise You by Fatboy Slim. One of the worst songs and worst videos ever.

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Good vibes around back then. There was a radio station that played this type of 90's rock, and it was great until one night when I clicked it on in the car to find Cher's Believe playing and realized that they had switched formats overnight. I was so pissed, I wrote the station a letter that night. It was all I had in the car on a 60 minute commute. Bastards!

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This was one of the hottest T-shirts, and Bush were definitely the shit.


By the way, if you like Bush or miss straight ahead rock songs, check out the Science of Things.

Not many people really give it any props, but it really is their best record. Some lost gems on that album

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I remember this being on the radio ALL the time... having just looked it up there, the video's shite but Amy Grant's a bit of alright.

Morning Glory came out when I was an impressionable five year old, Oasis just seemed like the coolest thing ever.

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