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New Film to Feature Duff McKagan’s Loaded


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DATE: November 3rd, 2010

TITLE: New Film to Feature Duff McKagan’s Loaded


Seattle filmmaker Jamie Burton Chamberlain is gearing up to make a movie based on a new album by Duff McKagan’s Loaded, which is soon to be completed. The album is yet to be titled, though a single from it is being played in rotation during the MLB World Series coverage.

McKagan, who played bass for 12 years in Guns N’ Roses, formed Loaded in 1999 as a solo project. Though he started it out on bass and vocals, he now plays rhythm guitar, leaving bass duties to Jeff Rouse.

The film won’t be a traditional documentary, like Chamberlain’s work on ZZ Top’s Double Down Live.

“My main focus for half time is to shoot how the band gets there and where they head after,” Chamberlain shared. “It’s more about designing a fictitious story line which will be a part of the larger project, and will be a contemporary version of, say, Hard Days Night meets (Led Zeppelin’s) Song Remains the Same, with aspects of documentary, music video, and live performance, all interconnected by an underlying motivation. The album will serve as the soundtrack.”

It looks like Duff will also help push the film into the film festival circuit to reach viewers beyond his fans.

“Not a lot of artists out there are interested in going to this extreme of having their music interpreted in film,” Chamberlain said. “This project wouldn’t be happening without Duff’s vision, and the support of people like Rick Canny at Sanctuary management, Loaded’s manger.”

SOURCE: http://www.notreble.com/buzz/2010/11/03/new-film-to-feature-duff-mckagans-loaded/

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