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Ashba about next album: "We're talking about that right now"


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WTF since when is a bandmember allowed to talk about GN'R plans?!?

That made me laugh :lol:

I dont want to be mean or something, but DJ knows just one of Axl plans ...because with Axl on the same minute he was talking about making a new cd soon he just could decide that he would go on a trip all over the world for the next years . We just never know :P

Im just kidding anyway , hope nothing gets in the way of those cd plans :)

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Lets not forget that CD was released "sooner" than what Axl wanted due to label pressures. Now that he doesnt have those pressures I guess(?), I dont know how much time he will take. But I also think he feels much more happy and confident nowadays than in those pre CD years, so we'll see.

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At last a confirmation from a memeber about the next album.The statement from ashba that Axl a lot of material in his sleeve means that the next album will contain songs from the CD era with buckethead robin songs.Maybe the current line-up has written some songs too that will be in the album but i believe and i hope to be released all the stuff from the last years.I cant wait to hear songs as the general , checkmate, seven doen by the ocean and all the other songs.I just hope the next album to be a double one.DJ Ashba confirmed a US tour in February too so i believe that the next album will be released until then..........oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh i can not wait for the new album LOVE GNR

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Not news until Axl says something.

Really? i don't remember Axl said anything before ChiDem release

True. But at least he said they were working on an album.

For about ten years.

I would put nothing into this, we all know Axl has the keys to this car.

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What I keep hearing echoed by band members lately is they seem to be interested in creating something fresh, I like that. Let's move forward and get an album out with these VERY talented guys, I think the next album will be great, they virtually all know how to write music.

USA tour? Sweet!


Guns N' Roses

Here's @DjASHBA talking GNR and gettin $#*!'d out on @JD_2020's Call of Duty red carpet! http://bit.ly/cCc7XA

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