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Facebook Making Guns More Political?


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"Civil War" ?

Nothing explicit about it - hell, hasn't Axl even said it wasn't about the First Gulf War?

I haven't seen the pic of the shirt Axl was wearing, but it'd make sense. They're a big pet cause in the music world. Eddie Vedder is big on the WM3 issue (as I would be if I were famous enough to warrant my endorsement of causes). It was just odd to see that come across my newsfeed from GNR.

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A lot of musicians support the WM3 cause. Once you watch "Paradise Lost" and the sequel, you can't help but think it was redneck justice being served on 3 weird kids into metal.

Johnny Depp is prob. the highest profile face on keeping this in the news, but Henry Rollins, and even the Dixie Chicks have kept this in the media.

Damien Echols has his life on the line. Not like in California where you're like 80 before they inject you. Westerfield and Peterson killed 10 years ago and they're still hanging out in San Quentin.

They deserve a fair trial. If it's proven without doubt they did it, fine.

The incident happened May 5 1993, if they are cleared of charges, think about how many years they lost.

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