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Why doesn't Axl give another Kurt Loder type interview?


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Kurt Loder called Axl a drugie in an interview not too long ago. I was surprised, but iam sure Axl saw that too. Look at Kayne on the today show, the media is a twisted beast with sick energy. Axl doesnt need the media at all. No musical artist of Axl"s stature needs the shit those people put out. I love the fact Axl doesnt do interviews. The Del interview was very good and said plenty if you read between the lines

"Well, I think Axl is a little out of control, which is the way you should be if you're going to be a big rock star with the limos and all that," Loder said. "You should be out of control, and you should never know what's going to happen next, so I thought that was great. That doesn't happen at that level any more, because I think bands arrive at that level with all kinds of attorneys and handlers and stuff. They sort of pose as rebels, but they're not dangerous. Nothing's going to happen around them. Whereas with Axl, you never knew. Because I think he was on drugs or something, I don't know. He was a very talented guy. He could be very, very nice, and he could all of a sudden be prickly. So, it was always interesting to be around him."

thats not insulting really...

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