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Smiling Axl


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While we wait for the tour to continue and for some new videos, here is what I found today. It has only 87 hits at the moment so I guess most of you have not seen it yet. It is a quite good quality video of November Rain (end missing) and Axl looks very happy at times. Check especially 1.40-1.50 and 4.30-4.50. This video tells a lot about the relaxed atmosphere all evening in Barcelona. The Barcelonians seemed to like the music with a kind of warm easy going passion. It was of course also the last concert before a break for GNR, something special for them too.

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You know, members of other band forums would look down on us.

An ordinary thread for them: Discussion of new album announcement, discussions about specific songs, etc

Ordinary thread for us: Analyzing Axl's facial expressions, speculating what year we'll hear new material

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