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Did you guys know...

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That DJ Ashba was part of Adler's Appetite back in 2004 ?

am I the only one that hates those "leading" thread titles?

you know, the ones where curiousity alone makes you click it as opposed to the titles that actually tell you what the thread is about?

love wasting valuable clicking time on that.

so....is there actually any footage of him playing with Adler?

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Source : Those old DJ Ashba news from 2003 to 2005 found on a french GnR forum.


In a letter addressed to all Ashbaland members, Dj said:

Hey Freaks!!!

I am so proud to introduce my new band ASHBA, it has been such a long road

for me since my departure with BC. I promised myself if I was going to start my

own band and sing, the lyrics and music that I write are going to be real (NO

BULLSHIT) things that I have experienced in my life, that were never easy for me

to talk about before, such as falling in love to getting your heart ripped from

your chest, from my brother committing suicide, to my dad abandoning me when I

was young, going through a divorce at a young age, to being proud of who you are

and standing up for yourself and believing in you, no matter what cards life

deals ya, and so much more. So I wrote songs for a year solid, writing around 60

songs and demoing 23 of them, As I sit back and listen to my top favorite 13

songs which will land on the ASHBA debut album, I get goosebumps, I know that I

have acheived what I set out to do. My all time dream being a

songwriter/enertainer was to front my own band, build something great from nothing but a dream and a vision. After I felt the music was

in place I had to find the right members so I auditioned tons of people for

months on end, each guy in this band had to be able to carry his own weight, I

wanted to put together a band with no weak links, a group with no drama

bullshit, a family that all had the same vision. And I finally after months and

months of searching did. First member that I found was a drummer from San

Antonio Texas, I went to see him play at the whiskey one night and this guy blew

my fucking mind, I knew he was the perfect drummer for this band, his name is

Bones Elias. Secondly I got the most amazing bass player, "Mr. Charisma" his

name is John Younger also from San Antonio Texas, Bones knew him from back home,

they both heard the new music and packed up there shit and moved to Ashbaland

overnight. The last guy I knew was going to be the hard guy to find, I needed a

guy that was good enough to play lead guitar but that!

would be happy slamming out the rhythm guitars for me, I have pushed my guitar

work on these new songs further than ever, I wanted to have a crushing guitar

team. I ran into a guy named Michael Thomas who played with BC after I left to

do this band, I always thought he did an amazing job for BC covering all the

guitar stuff, but never thought about him for this band, I had heard he recently

left BC, so about a week later I ran into him and I played him some tunes in my

car, his eyes lit up, so over the next few days of auditioning rhythm players I

kept getting phone calls from different friends telling me Michael is going

around raving about my new songs. Thats when the light when on in my head, so

Katie, my manager called him. He came down that day and the moment we all played

together I knew I had finally found my dream band. This band is all heart!!!

What you see is what you get.

Trashy Langerie proudly presents ASHBA (debut show) @ the Key Club in Hollywood

Ca. JUNE 19th

Hope to see you all there!!!!


Dj Ashba - vocals/lead guitar

Bones Elias - drums

John Younger - bass

Michael Thomas - rhythm guitar

p.s. I just wanted to sincerely thank each and everyone of my fans for never

doubting me and always sticking by me no matter what, and for that, I promise

you my all!!!

June 2003

For making all my dreams come true!!! Thx for making our first show a sold out one:) We played 10 songs total











July 07, 2003, 05:19:44 PM

My only advise is the minute your guitarist or anyone thinks there better than the next or to good for everyone else is the moment you stop growing as a musician, Being in a band is easy, anyone can be in a band, keeping it together is a whole different story, It's harder than any relationship that you will every be in, because now your dating a group of people, the key is to communicate with each other, always speak your mind, if this is bothering you about him, take him aside and tell him, cause if you don't, this will turn into resentment, which in return will make being in your own band...no fun to be in, Music should be fun, although it does take alot of hard work, you should love going to rehearsal everyday, not dreading it. if he thinks he can make it on his own, set him free. A band is like a team, a gang, it takes everyones focus and dedication, or it will will never see the light of day. The key to being successful other than the obvious is your all on the same team working for the same goal, ya know you against the world, it should never be you against another band member, Being in a band shoud be a family, not a compatition between band members to see who can out shine the next guy......hope this helps......

About promoting your band, i believe playing live, word of mouth and the internet are the 3 best ways to self promote your band

Have fun with life or life will have fun with you....

July 17, 2003, 03:53:33 PM

i hope i do not sound like a hypocrite because we all drink and drive no matter what....but i have been involved in so many accidents where a motherfucking drunk driver hit me or least to say rear ended me....the shit you have to deal with it such a pain in the ass. there has been about three times where all three have just about gotten away w/ hitting my hard earned cars. yeah they are all material things, but you work your ass off and some stupid idiot comes from behind and takes it all away....i feel bad for those people, but luckily i have not been hurt seriously in the accidents but did suffer some blackouts from them....let alone on january 5th of this year i was rear ended and that person who hit me totalled her car behind my truck....and guess what she got away w/ it.....that really caused alot of grief and time for my loved one and me.....as well as money. you know i just wish that people would consider how much they drink and if they cannot drive...... dont do it.....sorry i am so pissed off about this but look at what shit like this does to people and there loved ones!!!!

i hope i did not offend anybody but.....i always think about how much i have had to drink and if i cannot handle it i always give the keys to someone else!!!!!!!!

July 30, 2003, 02:33:29 PM

I will be performing by my self in Germany for a huge music convention for Ovation Guitars, thanks to Stephen Goodrich. I will arrive in Germany on the 6th and be departing on the 11th. I will also be over there promoting ASHBA, our 2 songs on X-Box and the soundtrack which includes FEEL THIS and WHO I AM. I am going to be a celebrity judge and hand out the best guitarist award for Germany. It should be alot of fun sooooooo.....if you live there cum visit me at the convention.... Hope to see ya there.....

September 03, 2003


DJ ASHBA : I don't have picts, but I have a video



I have also picked up a new side project, Adler's Appetite, that I will hit the road with.

march 11, 2004, 05:36:53 PM

Im in the middle of moving as we speak to a fuckin bad ass crib right at the foot of the Hollywood Hills!! I have also been building the new Chromebones Studio which is about a week from finally being finished. Its bad ass its located in North Hollywood. We have a full on pro-tools recording facility, and in the same studio we have our Live gear, with a full on stage, lighting PA ect... So not only can we rehearse the whole band live we can record the band as well. Also I am thinking about installing webcams in the new Studio in hopes to do live webcam chats, including watching the band recording in the studio, partying, and rehearsing LIVE!!! This is one bad ass thing to look forward to in the new ASHBALAND!!! Coming Soon!!!

April 19, 2004, 03:26:29 AM

I do appriciate all of you so much, and I do accept your apologies. Like I said, I dont know who's doing this, the emails I have recieved, did not rat on anyone, they infact would not give up any names on this issue. My reason for posting this is NOT to point fingers at anyone member. All Im saying is if this shit is going on, it needs to stop ASAP! Cause if it doesnt stop ASAP, I will not be so nice next time. Ive worked way to hard to have someone use my name for there own personal game. ASHBA is not only my ultimate dream band that I am ever so proud to be apart of, it's a lifelong creation, a life style, a gang. ASHBA is nothing but honest, pure 100% kick ass hardcord rock that comes from the heart, we live, eat, sleep and breath ASHBA 24/7!!!! The lyrics are from life experiences...good and bad....but never the less honest! ASHBA = NO BULLSHIT! NO ONE FUCKS WITH ASHBA because we have the most hardcore fucking fans in the world! Were all in this together!!! You all have been by ASHBA's side threw thick and thicker, I know you have our backs, so dont think for a second I wont have yours!!! We love you all!!!

April 27, 2004, 02:29:32 PM

That's definitly one of the best questions I've read for a while, I've always been straight up with my fans and I always will be. Here's the answer.....As all of you may or may not know, BC was one of the last of the BIG record deals that went out, it was at the beginning of the fall for most major labels. When I left BC to start ASHBA over 2 years ago WB offered me my own deal.....only thing is they hadn't heard any songs from ASHBA which struck me weird. But they didn't care the truely believed in me as a writter and an entertainer.....Which did mean alot to me....But at that time I was fucked up in the head. Truth is at that time I didn't even know I was going to have a band called ASHBA or be the singer of my own band. Truth is I was devistated when I had just given a band my all for 3 years, playing the biggest tours of the summer including Ozzfest, KISS, ect... to come home off the road a year later to NOTHING. I lost my 4 bedroom house with a pool, Esclade, family, pets, band, management, business accountants, deal.....everything! The only thing I had was the fans/friends that I had made on the road. It took everything in me to wanna touch a guitar let alone sing, I had felt like the industry had sucked the life from me. At the same time I also learned alot, such as, holy fuck when your signed everyone wants to be your friend, everyone wants to give you everything for free, phones are ringing off the hook, when your not signed is when you really find out your true friends, its kinda funny how all those motherfuckers that would kiss my ass before, walk by me as if they never met me now. Everyone has options in life, at that point I remember thinking, I could lay down and die or I could take the time I need to put together my ultimate dream band. Im a tough motherfucker and I will never be one to sit back and feel sorry for myself, so instead of being bitter and letting this business jade or get the best of me, I decided to look at the positive instead of the negatives, learn from my mistakes, be thankful that I was born with an amazing talent to write music and entertain people. Be thankful that I had the chance to write an amazing album on WB. Fuck all the fake motherfuckers out there that turn there back on me or any other person that might of gone threw a hard time once in there life....FUCK'EM! And be thankful for all the people out there like yourselves for standing by my side for the last 2 years, never doubting ASHBA or me. You will never know how much you all mean to me. I realized, if your going to put something out, its going to be from the heart. Record companies and management companies are dropping bands left and right, everyone is scared to death of losing there jobs. The industry is in the worst shape its ever been in. All the majors are going under or merging, It's so fuckin bad out there. So to answer your question, will ASHBA ever see the light of day? Abso-fuckin'-lutly! Cause I have nothing to loose and a shit load of crazy motherfucking fans out there that I miss the fuck out of. And ain't no fuckin label in this world going to keep me from kickin all your ass's live in the near future!! TRUST ME, this album is going to be worth the wait! I would never lie to you. It is however taken a little longer than we had hoped, but I have taken the time to make sure all the stars are in line so to speak. The time Im taken right now is going to determine EVERYTHING! And I am not settling for anything but the best for ASHBA. So please bare with me. Im working 24/7 to get us in the best studio, with the best producer, which is already done, Ive gotten about 15 major comanys endorsing ASHBA which were going to be launching a new world wide ad camp for EV. I have written over 60 songs for this album, that we are narrowing down to the best of the best. I am in meetings everday. And all I can say is you guys have no clue what's about to hit ya.....a little band called ASHBA.

I love you all!! Were all in this together, as soon as I find out anything I will be posting it ASAP!!! So stay tune to ASHBALAND to find out the latest news and events!! Thank you all so much for all the love and support and belief......


Setlist en 2005 :


-set one-









-set two-









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i heard he's playing in guns n roses now

is that true?

no its not true ,guns n roses split up in 1993 ,some of the heart of the band left earlier ,although there is a tribute act going around calling itself guns n roses which may contain this guitar player , but anybody with half a brain will realise they are not the real deal, come on axl ,you are missleading the public , youve had your fun, give the world what it really wants , GUNS N ROSES , :thumbsup:
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i heard he's playing in guns n roses now

is that true?

no its not true ,guns n roses split up in 1993 ,some of the heart of the band left earlier ,although there is a tribute act going around calling itself guns n roses which may contain this guitar player , but anybody with half a brain will realise they are not the real deal, come on axl ,you are missleading the public , youve had your fun, give the world what it really wants , GUNS N ROSES , :thumbsup:


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