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Live on Air CD?


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Apologies if this has been posted before, I did a search and didn't find anything on this...I was surfing Amazon for GNR and stumbled across this CD. It's called Live on Air and contains only six tracks: "Welcome to the Jungle," "Patience," "Civil War," "Down on the Farm," "Live and Let Die" and the famous "Free Fallin'" duet with Tom Petty. (The same six songs are included on the CD as video material, along with "Yesterdays").

I can tell that the WTTJ and LILD come from MTV awards shows but the rest of the information is too small to read. It's listed as an import, there are no reviews and the product description is obviously totally inaccurate. I found the same CD at HMV so I'm assuming it's a legit UK release from this year (although I doubt Axl or anyone in the GNR camp authorized it) but does anyone know anything about this? Sound/video quality? Where all the performances come from? I'm a bit cautious about ordering this since there's no info about it out there. Thanks!

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