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DJ Ashba Rocks the national anthem at the KC / CHIEFS game


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at worst it will be few days for us :( I cant wait to see it.

here is the two getty pictures without the watermarks :)







The game started off by one of the best national anthems I have seen it was done by electric guitar by guitarist D.J. Ashba from Guns N’ Roses and it really set the temo for the game in which the temperature at game time was 73 degrees something I’m sure the Cards appreciated. The Chiefs trailed early in this one when Jay Feeley connected on a 36 yard field goal but then it was all Chiefs until the very end on garbage Larry Fitzgerald TD that only fantasy football players probably appreciated.


the promo from this is really good on google, I just searched his name and put recent news first there are lots of sites talking about the game and DJ. :) Thats awesome exposure!

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I must be doing something wrong, or not have something installed--whenever I go to JustinTV, nothing ever plays...I just get a blank black screen?

update flash player, use another browser or click the four vids below the main screen. Those might work for ya hopefully.

btw some of the games today are up already I am stalking the place to find the one we want :) I will get it up asap if and when it comes over :)

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