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~Mygnr.com Guns N' Roses Christmas Tree 2010 ~


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ok ok more involvement needed

I right now need the following things,

A trunk for the tree that is very big so I can resize it as the tree grows,

A fireplace again big (christmas theme) (just the fireplace and mantel no background)

oh and presents we need presents! so pictures of presents or gift bags are good again bigger image sizes so I can resize, also pictures of what gift you would like to give I will add the pictures of the gifts to present boxes bags etc

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PLease make sure the height/width ratio is not 1:1!

you mean like 900 x 900 right? no it will be a complete image with fireplace background presents etc etc and will likely be more like bigger wide than high for like desktop backgrounds etc

it will be weird sizes for editing right now but completed tree will be different

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