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~Mygnr.com Guns N' Roses Christmas Tree 2010 ~

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I believe Fudd is on the tree twice.

Edit: Why do HV have a pokemon ball? Never thought about it, but I saw it now.

I will never, ever be able to unsee that.


It's deadmau5 (alter ego of Joel Zimmermann, my favourite producer/DJ).


lol i know who it is

i just never saw the pokeball resemblance in that logo until now

it's permanently etched into my brain

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You should put this in the news section because most fans post there.

you are right maybe we will have it moved for at least a bit, after all it is GN'R related!

Bad bad idea! I can't stand all those Axlites from the main section! I don't want them in my Xmas tree! :(

I was thinking the same thing =/

plus I hardly visit that section anymore

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speaking of, thanks gunsguy, great idea. since i've joined up here i've never even changed my avatar...:lol:

Yes! And that is cool when it stays the same kinda puts a face to the name in a way. I instantly know certain people from their avatar.

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