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2011 GN'R Rumors


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From NewGNR.com

From what I've heard through some of my band contacts, 2011 should be a very cool year for the fans. Axl really wants to get Chinese Democracy's follow-up out there, they'd like to tour the US (unfortunately lawsuits may prevent them), and we may even get that remix CD album bundled with an official DVD release that they're working on.

Also, don't be surprised if you hear a previously unreleased song or 2 played live for the first time. From what I hear, Axl is wanting to test the waters. Keep your fingers crossed that it is either "Forgotten" or Atlas Shrugged". Whatever it is, you can be sure that it will be sweeeeeeeet!

Same guy who posted that on Here Today Gone To Hell back in the beggining of 2007:

To all the haters : I'm sorry for you not sorry for me. You don't know who you can trust now or who to believe.

Remember these words when the album comes out.

I'm out of here


That's also the same person who posted the part from Zodiac.

We'll see...


There's been been a chap going by the user name “Robin F~” causing havoc on a GN'R forum fan site lately by making rash yet substantial comments about the future intentions of Guns N' Roses.

I contacted GN'R rhythm guitarist Richard Fortus in the hope of securing some sort of clarification on this issue (especially given the person in question's claims of association with “Rich” (Richard Fortus) and “Dizzwald” (Dizzy Reed).

Now the below file will show you the claim made by “Robin F~” (a “fact” which he alleged to have heard from Richard Fortus) in terms of the U.S tour (previously alluded to by Dj Ashba):


Richard Fortus categorically denied saying to ANYONE that the “U.S tour won't be kicking off in February after all” and instead “will begin in March/April at the earliest”. Below is his response to such claims:


Because “Robin F~'s” inclination to lie has been established through contact with Richard Fortus (a person who he stated as a source), I would assume that his claims about a new album (“facts” alleged to have been heard from Dizzy Reed) are also false.

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I predict that "insiders" most of whom weren't even born when GNR ruled the world, will continue to post bullshit. Lawsuits preventing them from touring? Maybe too high of a guarantee prevents them from touring the US. Outside of NYC/LA, GNR wouldn't sell more than 5,000 tickets in most markets.

I think that when he meant lawsuits, he was refering to the Azoff and the Activision lawsuits, maybe Axl needs time to concetrate on them.

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If this is true, I really don't see the need for a remix album? This is a rockband, and not Limp Bizkit, why a remix album?

A DVD would be kick ass tho.

Brain has talked about the remix album multiple times and if I'm not mistaken confirmed in an interview earlier this year that he was still doing work on it. So, if this does happen, we all knew it was coming at some point. I'm actually curious to hear it.

As for the information in general, how do we know it's the same guy? It's two different usernames, so can anybody confirm that? It'd be nice if even a piece of this turns out to be true. I'd certainly welcome new songs on tour and a live DVD.

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I predict none of that will happen (might be the odd US date but I doubt it). There you have it folks - Hope The Aussies enjoy their tour though! :thumbsup:

Not that I really think that stuff willl happen, people did say Chinese Dmeocracy would never come out, look what happened.

Those people were morons as Universal/Geffen whatever weren't going to throw ten million plus down the drain.

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I can see everything on that list happeneing, that doesn't mean I'm expecting it. The only thing I don't think will happen is the band dropping a new song live. I kind of hope they don't to be honest, firstly because I want the next album to be as fresh as possible and secondly I don't want to hear a bootleg and then end up having it as the only new song on my ipod for the next 5 or so years.

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Lets be honest, if the guy (assuming it's the same one) can give us lyrics to a song that we hadn't even heard of back in 2007 then that shows he has some connections.


Axl read that and thought it would make a great lyric.

My bets on the Axl one.

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