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2011 GN'R Rumors


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Why doesnt Axl release the album through his Black Frog label, and if he cant cause of legal obligations to the record company, give the fuckers an ultimatum.

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heres all im saying, obviously these GNR rumors are always hard to tell if true or not but iv always thought that bumble kind of seemed off especially in recent couple years like he just doesnt care that much in short so this story adds up with the vibes i was getting. And as far as the record company and logistics holding up Axl's progress we all sort of knew that already to some extent so without jumping the gun to much this kinda sounds legit to me... I just hope this stupid record company shit fuckin would stop already cuz i was already sad about the botched release and follow thru of CD 1 but hearing this just makes me even more sad for Axl regarding it :(

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gunns5, I got a message that someone here was pretending to be me allegedly, so I checked it out, got nothing to do so why not share some info.

ITW2012, it is open for interpretation yes.

But I know the background coloring, one being that Bumble thinks GnR music is pretty much trash which he has no problem saying privately in the right company.

Young_Gun, when it was clear to Axl that Azoff wanted to rush through CD promotion half assed so he could work on his main target, reunion, and Axl knew he couldn't do anything about it legally, that's when he disappeared.

Around July 2008 if I remember correctly, it was already clear to him.

From what I gather Finck was dropped hints Slash was coming back after CD was out, by Azoff and his minions.

Obviously Finck didn't believe that but used that as an excuse to cut himself loose.

During that time GnR was inactive anyway, so he did his own thing away from the bull that was going on with Azoff and Axl. Azoff then dropped hints to Axl that Robin wanted to leave (which Axl didn't believe too I am sure, but the ones around him sure wanted to believe it) and when Finck was available again he was not called upon anymore and there were auditions going on.

He lives in his own magical world so it didn't phase him.

ITW2012, there are 28 finished songs and dozens unfinished, similar stuff as what you have heard on CD, although a few are much heavier.

Out of Johnny Walker, time's up I guess, have a nice one.

Very interesting stuff if this is indeed true.

Drop a few lyrics for us, so 10 years down the road we'll know again if you were telling the truth about this stuff.

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who knows if this were true. Really though, all GNR need to do is just release another album as a cohesive band/stable lineup. Dvd would be nice, but really doesn't matter too much. A remix of an album, be that of CD or previous old Gnr albums would further alienate the old fans, those on the fence and provide more fuel for Axl & New Guns bashing.

Scrap the dvd for now, scrap the remixes, release a new album of rockin tracks and lets see what this current lineup can come up with. While I'm preaching, cut the solos from the set (perhaps just one solo/jam) and keep knocking the crowd back with great GNR tunes old & new....to relax and get your breath back, do a ballad. But don't spam the setlist with the slower songs.

heh,...easy :P

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I hope CD II opens with his version of the National Anthem then goes into Silkworms. Never let the truth get in the way of a good thread.

The truth is just whatever the most people believe. GNR is fan fiction for the most part. Let me tell you a story...

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