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THE OFFICIAL DEC 01/2010 Townsville, QLD (Australia) @ Reid Park Update Thread

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Townsville, QLD (Australia)

Reid Park

First show on Australian Leg for the 2010 Chinese Democracy World Tour

Tickets sold 15,000 - 20,000 (unconfirmed)

Local time is here: http://www.worldtimezone.com/time/wtzresult.php?CiID=6027&forma=

Tickets are still available and cost $110 plus booking fee for general admission tickets and $200 plus booking fee for VIP tickets. Phone 4727 9797.

Gates open at 4pm.


Bands Playing:

Shihad (Set Done)

Korn (Set Done)

Guns N' Roses (Set Done)


Show started approx 9:55PM local time



Chinese Democracy

Welcome To The Jungle

It's So Easy

Mr. Brownstone


4Tus Solo

Live And Let Die

This I Love

Rocket Queen

Dizzy Solo

Street Of Dreams

You Could Be Mine

DJ Solo

Sweet Child O' Mine

Another Brick In The Wall

November Rain

Pink Panther Ron Solo

Knockin' On Heaven's Door


Don't Cry (Axl on vocal's)

Paradise City


concert ended approx 12:00 Midnight local time

Highvotage comments on show:

Axl is sounding the best ive heard yet this tour!

Entire crowd clapping in time to Mr. Brownstone

Axl has soooo much control.. Unbeliveable!

Fortus 007 - Crowd loving it!

Magic! (comment refers to This I Love)

BBF rocking a tasty white jacket, ha!

Axl is all smiles, crowd loves DJ

DJ bumbles the intro to Sweet Child O' Mine. Saved by Axl's cowboy hat!

Humid, but no drops.. (comment refers to November Rain)

Pink panther by Ron the... Bushranger? Rocking the new guitar too!

Guns... N... Roses! Chant goes up, don't cry start, Axl is singing


***Setlist will be updated in this first post LIVE as it happens providing we have a update source at the show, I will update this thread during the show until its over.***

Unless otherwise mentioned all updates in this thread by myself come via our one and only Highvoltage, thanks bro!

Axl Rose has arrived in Sydney the morning of the show:


Dizzy And DJ at park:




Thanks highvoltage for load in pic :)


thx GNR international










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I don't care what the weather says- there's a chronically dark stormcloud brewing and it's an open air concert... Fingers crossed we don't get a tropical cyclone tonight haha

have a good time no doubt that you will

seeya in sydney

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Guns N' Roses

That's a wrap on sound check and the November Rain. Looks like a 20% tomorrow will be December rain for us folk at Reid Park in Townsville.

17 minutes ago via facebook



Just got back from soundcheck! Nothing like playing in the rain!!! Love it!

about an hour ago via facebook


Soundcheck in Townsville Australia. Raining of course....


Del James

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the shows meant to end at about 10:45 should be interesting hopefully we get a full show

When you getting there TAY/What are you wearing. Megan is getting there super early then i'm getting a cab in a bit later and jumping in with her. CBF'd lining up too early, will be way too hungover...

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