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Faith no more played their last show of the reuinon!


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So upset I never got a chance to catch them. I dont know if theyre completely done yet. Billy Gould recently said in an interview they got a great response and doesnt see why they wouldnt keep going. Right now Mike Patton is supposed to be going on tour with Mondo Cane but after that who knows? There's always hope

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Any chance of an album?

Bill Gould on a new album:

“Everything is great for doing it and if we did it, it’s going to be great. It’s going to be because this is the best energy ever. And people have done a lot of other things since then that could bring a lot more to it than before. But that’s my take on it. I’ve got to let it go with that because if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to happen.”

[...] Hypothetically speaking, if you were to make another record, how do you think the skills and experience you have all picked up over the last 10 years would affect the writing & recording process?

Roddy: That’s a big hypothetical. We’re not going to make another record but I think part of making Faith No More work when it did work and when we were writing songs was that all of us left the baggage of our other interests outside the door and came together as a band and created something that was a fusion of what was in the room. I don’t think we’ll bring things…but I don’t know maybe…

Bill: I guess whatever part of a thing you are working in you always have a different identity and I think we have a certain identity when it’s all of us. It’s two things; one is being able to relax and express yourself and the other is to work with the strengths and weaknesses of everybody else. Hopefully you get better at it the more you do it.

Hope springs eternal, I think. (Is that how you say it. :shrugs:)

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