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Graspop Metal Meeting 2011


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updated line-up

added are the following bands

* Friday 24 juni: Journey, Foreigner, FM

* Saturday 25 juni: Whitesnake, Suicide Silence, Firewind, Ghost

* Sunday 26 juni: Rob Zombie, All That Remains, Architects, Escape The Fate


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  • 2 months later...
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Gonna watch:

Friday: Dio Disciples, Foreigner, Journey, The Rods, Angel Witch, Volbeat/Duff's Loaded, Iced Earth and The Scorpions

Saturday: Diablo Blvd, Kvelertak, Black Spiders, Ghost, Black Label Society/Spiritual Beggars, Whitesnake, Monster Magnet, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne

Sunday: Anvil, Gwar, Opeth, Rob Zombie

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Well, Priest did a great job when they replaced Ozzy as headliner. Wil see Ozzy next year I guess.


* Dio Disciples: Tim 'Ripper' Owens on vocals and Dio's old band. They were good and gave really nice renditions of several Dio hits. I only missed 'Children of the sea' on the setlist, since it is my favourite Dio-song. All in all, a very solid performance. I would definitely check them out if they came to a club near me when they have a longer playtime. :thumbsup:

* Foreigner: After 'As Cold as Ice' (2nd song or so) I went somewhere else since it started raining very very hard. From what I could hear, they were good. I don't know many foreigner songs, but what I heard was entertaining enough. Would have watched the whole set if not for the weather.

* The Rods: They played opposite of Korn, which is ideal for me, because I can't stand Korn. I only knew one song of the band (Wild Dogs) before Graspop, but I will definitely check them out. Very, very solid hard rock. Most of all, these guy are extremely enthousiastic while playing, which had it's effect on the audience. Awesome band.

* Angel Witch: Only songs from first (AWESOME!) album. Great concert. Audience only went wild when the last song started (Angel Witch), but whatever. I also liked the obvious influences they had on trashmetal that were very noticable live, much more then on the album.

* Duff's Loaded: AWFUL. The fact that I already saw Volbeat twice made me decide to go see Loaded instead. Worst choice of the festival. It seemed only teen girls were attending. Some of the music seemed to aim for them as well. I left near the end, since I figured even GNR-songs couldn't save this trainwreck anymore. :thumbsdown:

* Scorpions: Farewell tour. They were great. They played all the hits (except winds of change) and audience was into it. I'm not the biggest fan, but I can't say I didn't enjoy it. If you manage to catch them, you def should. Great stage show as well.



I missed Kvelertak and Black Spiders, since I had a hangover and overslept. Oh well, I'm sure I'll catch them somewhere else soon. Both bands have solid records and seem to have a good live reputation. They aren't going anywhere soon.

* Ghost: First band I saw and biggest surprise of the festival in a good way. I always find the satanic thingie in metal ridiculous, but I have to admit, this has something. I can't really say how or why, basicly it's just a guy with a skullface and a priests outfit and a band dressed in hoods, but it was... interesting in a way. Also, the music was REALLY solid, which surprised me. They play old school seventies rock, think Mercyful Fate or so. Really, really good sound. Consider me a 'fan', knowing that I find satanic bands usually ridiculous. Also, they played an AMAZING cover of 'Here Comes The Sun' by The Beatles. Check them out when they play near you. Big :thumbsup:

* Black Label Society: Watched in from the middle, while hauling beer. Solid performance. Only downside was the 10min solo in the middle. Wylde needs to stop doing that.

* Channel Zero: Belgian Metal Pride. none of you probably know this band, but you should. They have new album out, and it rocks.

* Monster Magnet: What an I say, it's my favorite band. They played a solid show. Dave Wyndorf took a pic of me and my mate right before they started and afetr the show I got the setlist. Monster Magnet always delivers live. Highpoint were 'Hallucination Bomb' from the new album and golden oldies 'Dopes To Infinity' and sing along extravaganza 'Spacelord'(Motherfucker!). Shame they are so underrated. in my opinion they are one of the best rockbands around nowadays.

* Whitesnake: I had exactly 5min to rush to Whitesnake from Monster Magnet. Girlfriend absolutely wanted to see them and... I am glad I did. I was amazed at how good Coverdale still sounds after all these years. His band is also first rate. One thing: is it just me or does every whitesnake-song have the word 'love' in it's title? Highpoint: 'In the Still of the night'. I like that song very much.

* Judas Priest: about 20h before they were supposed to play, they got notice that they would have to fill the headline slot, since Ozzy couldn't come. Apparently they flew their entire stage set over and you could definitely see the result. Sure, I was a bit bummed that Ozzy didn't show, but about 2 songs in Priests set, I had already forgotten about the prince of darkness. Fire, motorbikes on stage, more fire, great lasershow and ridiculous costumes for halford. On top of that, they played the all the best songs of literally every Halford-album. The audience went completely wild as well. Halford didn't even have tos ing breaking the law, the audience did that for him. It was awesome. One downside were the drunk fuckheads trying get closer. I sure as hell didn't let them. One of them hit my girlfriend while elbowing to the front, so I cracked him one right in the face, after which he fell into some bikers. When I made clear what happened they took care of him, and in the end security dragged his bleeding ass out of the crowd. Fuckhead. Oh well, he got what he deserved and missed half of Priest. Who, I'll say it again, were awesome. Band was tight, replacement guitarist was tight and Halford's vocals were spot on. He even pulled Painkiller of. Absolutely must see.


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