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The Waves

Vincent Vega

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Axl (at least back in the day) seemed to have this really odd talent for being able to predict musical tidal waves

For example, back in 1990, while they were still just an underground band, Axl used to wear a Nirvana cap, and spoke about how their music lifted him out of heavy situations. The same shit people would be saying years later.

He, around '89-91, somewhere around there, called Jane's Addiction like the future, or something like that. And many people do see them as the precursors of the alternative rock movement. He refered them as his favorite band as late as '92.

He also, around the same period, touted Faith No More as being the future of rock and I believe he said he wished he could get Guns to sound more like them, and this was before they became huge as well.

In 1992, he was listening and loving stuff like Mr. Bungle, Alice in Chains, Lyle Lovett, etc.

Then you have Industrial. Industrial I don't believe didn't become mainstream popular until the mid '90s, yet Axl was making people listen to Nine Inch Nails as early as 1990, 1991, saying they were going to be huge--Long before many of his other rock contemporaries had even heard of Industrial or anything like it. I mean reading I think it was Lars Ulrich saying he was blown away at how Axl was able to predict that. And in the mid '90s I've read he was a huge fan of groups like Front 242, Poe, and DJ Shadow.

How the hell was he so good at predicting waves? Is just listening to lots of underground music a good way of becoming good at predicting the next big thing? I'd love to have that same sort of talent--to be able to see what's going to be popular, what's revolutionary etc?

Do you think Axl still has that talent today?

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As far as Nirvana goes, Duff's Seattle roots prob. got him a bunch of Sub Pop CDs, and prob. would've heard Nirvana on the tour bus.

Janes Addiction - members of the Chili Peppers, GNR, and Janes were more or less from the same area, so they would've heard each others bands just from playing the same places. Pretty much getting into the history of a Sunset Blvd in the early-mid 80s.

I do think that when GNR started making waves, a lot of people were scouting Sunset Blvd for more bands like them, and for some reason, Janes Addiction happened to be in the right place, right time, and because Sonic Youth wound up being signed to a major label,it was a HUGE reason why Nirvana signed with the same label SY were on.

In a way, Nirvana never would've been as big as they were, if it were not for GNR.

But if Axl had gotten into a fight with Kurt and Courtney, you know it would've been Courtney and Axl going at it. She towered over Kurt. Too bad it never happened.

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My Chemical Romance seem to be doing ok. I'm not sure if they were just an opening act or he liked them.

What??? My Chemical Romance opened for Guns? Are you fucking serious?

Sure it was'nt Bullet For My Valentine your thinking off???

maybe. but im sure MCR opened for them a couple of times. maybe at some festivals in europe.

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