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Anyone who likes RATM is a 15 year old who doesnt listen to his parents

Jakey Styley

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This band isn't even all that good. Tom Morello's worst work is in this band, he just contributes bland riffs and weird noises which kids call "unique!!".

Now onto the good part. The singer/rapper is just an idol to every little rebelkid out there, I hate it. He's breeding a generation of mindless kids who just run around bashing the government for really no real reason other than to be "REBELSS!". 95% of their fans have no idea what they're talking about when they even begin to talk about politics or governments or anything really. Not that I know much about it, but I know that the government isn't one big Illuminati conspiracy devil worshiping entity that will enslave us all in 2012 (not that far off from what they believe). They just repeat all this shit about how they're gonna take down the big corporations and the government and start a revolution...lol, no you're not, sit back down.

I'll show you 3 of the comments on the front page of a RATM music video on Youtube.

fuck the majority
turn this shit up when youre gettin your lift on and your bench will go up about 40 lbs
Dude. This song along wth all their others is PROOF that this country is fucked up. But nobody is opening their eyes! And I feel sorry for them. That's why I listen to RATM!

These are examples of RATM fans.

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Well that's pretty stereotypical... But each to their own.

Can't say I'm a fan.

right cause we should all paint the fans with the same brush? I don't think so Imagine if someone came here took 3 quotes and said we are all the same...

I meant the guy who posted was being stereotypical about RATM fans, but he's entitled to an opinion.

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Listen up smarty smurf. No one gives a rats ass about your pretentious opinions. Your little Lisa Simpson comments are fucking annoying. Shut the fuck up. Why don't you go curate a modern art museum or write up a super critical phantom gourmet column about McDonald's. Go grow a hipster mustache, and start complaining about what music you don't like to people in person and see how long people will tolerate you.

You are so full of yourself. Your username is even an announcement about yourself. I wish I had Alzheimer's so I wouldn't have to remember you. Just stop making threads. Please.

;( is that a 35 year old with a gut belly still upset over my acdc thread?

Nah jk, but reallly...the point of the thread was that RATM fans are hipsters/try to be hipsters (maybe that's not the right word). Don't know how you could call me one.

@bold: I will, but only if you start psychoanalyzing and completely bashing people in person and see how long people will tolerate you.

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You are either a part of or younger than the generation they supposedly created since the band hasnt even released an album in 10 years and you are obviosuly <25 years old. If you want to complain about any music ruining a generation you dont have to look any further than hip hop/rap. I look around on campus and see droves of those ignorant douches with their flat bill hats and idiotic phrases (all white by the way, no black people in South Dakota aside from the people who came from athletics). Always calling people fags, clever.

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I like them. Some great work from each band member across their catalogue. And Zach is not only a remarkably passionate guy but also surprisingly intelligent and soft-spoken when he is not delivering a sloganised message. Very good live band too.

However, being in a crowd of 100,000 shouting FUCK YOU I WONT DO WHAT YOU TELL ME is the most bizarre situation to find yourself in. Just seems ridiculous. "Yeah sing along! I won't do what you tell me!"

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They were a great band, even if you never got behind the message, you could always get behind the music. It rocked.

I had a couple of friends who were real shit-kickin' right-wingers, and even they could appreciate the spirit and intensity of the music.

Never muched cared for Morello's solos, but he took the single-note jimmy page riffage to the max.

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