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Music Heals Charity has a GNR signed Guitar for Auction


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EMGs? Do not want :rofl-lol:

BTW, doesn't it read "2001 GN'R" under someone's signature at the bottom right corner of the body? Did someone misspell "2010" or do we have here a guitar signed by Bucket & Finck?

EDIT: Nevermind, apparently the guitar model got into production in 2006. Also it's a Chinese made beginner axe

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some more info on this


Our Friends at www.musicheals.co.uk are going t hold an Auction

You might remember this site from when BBF supported it

"We are going to be holding some auctions soon and we have a signed Guns N' Roses guitar." Help us get the word Spread to raise awareness to GNR fans that this guitar is available to bid on soon


Patrons are Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake) Timothy Drury and Stephen Langstaff and our Supporter/Friend of is Ron Thal

We are a charitable organisation which helps children and young people with cancer and other serious illnesses through the powerful tool of music. We strongly believe that music does heal and will play its magical part in helping to restore a child's confidence and the love for life after extremely traumatic times.

We believe MUSIC can touch hearts,can bring HOPE back into lives,restore broken dreams.


All the articles you see featured on ourwebsite will be AUCTIONED during LIVE auctions in various venues across the UK/ and during LIVE Radio shows etc. Dates and details will be given RIGHT HERE and on our facebook page. If you have any questions relating to any items shown, we are pleased to answer, just email us at: information@musicheals.co.uk


The GNR GUITAR IS AN IBANEZ GRG121EX 6 string signed by ALL members of Guns 'N' Roses including Axl Rose.

Its signed by

Axl Rose


Dj Ashba

Dizzy Reed

Chris Pitman

Tommy Stinson

Frank Ferrer

Richard Fortus

The whole band!

The auctions will be held in the first quarter of 2011, anyone who wants to bid will be be able to buy emailing us on information@musicheals.co.uk

The FANTASTIC @Bumblefoot A HUGE thank you from all the ladies at Music Heals Children's Charity for all your kind help with the Guitar. The show was simply Awesome


The AWESOME @DjASHBA thank you so much for a fantastic show in Manchester and for helping out with the signed Guitar for Music Heals Children's Charity - All the Ladies of Music Heals salute you :o) x



From outside the UK you can also participate

anyone can bid by emailing information@musicheals.co.uk

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