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The Damned Things


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Yea you read that right. Basically this record sounds liek Fall Out Boy if they kicked Pete Wentz and the singer out of the band, got a better singer and decided to go way heavier. Or it sounds like Everytime I Die if they went more rock n roll. Either way this album is a pure kick ass rock n roll album. its heavy and has great riffs, but is also poppy and accessible. You can see that the Fallout Boy drummer and guitarist have a heavy side. Keith Buckley has some sick vocals on here. Check it out

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The first half of the album is pretty solid, still not sure about the second half. one of the songs sounds like a cheap Coheed and Cambria tune

even though my favorite band associated with this group is Every Time I Die, I find myself enjoying the instrumentals A LOT more than the vocals. they have a really cool sound though

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Its just a good rock album. its catchy, its heavy its fun but not cheesy. Its just really good rock n roll. Its music that wouldnt be out of place at a party but still maintains its integrity. Im fully enjoying this record

One a side note, Sweetness I love the Converge artwork in your sig. Im pretty sure Jakob Bannon does all their art work. That guys an animal

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