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Axl inducts Elton--HD!

Vincent Vega

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the op video is incomplete and reminds me of the rock n roll hall of shame and how incomplete it is without rush , deep purple and too many others to mention ... that being said axl looks great there and i love elton johns music i would love to hear a colaboration between axl and elton of original music .

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Where's the rest?

Yeh, is it a private video or something? Some guy wants money to show the rest, what a tosser. Was it never aired?

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame put out a DVD set of performances and moments last year:


I'm assuming the Axl footage is either an extra/easter egg on the DVD set, or whoever put the set together leaked the footage of Axl.

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Before 1999, the only way anyone was able to see the RRHOF ceremony was if they went to the ceremony itself, or went to Cleveland where they showed it uncut. After 1999, VH1 aired an edited version, then it went to Fuse and they've been airing the whole thing live.

This is either from the 9 DVD box set that Time Life sells, or was shown as a "flashback" on one of the induction ceremonies from the past 11 years that aired on TV.

No one should be trying to sell bootlegs.

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This video's been out for a while, brah.

So has AFD, but we're still talking about that.

Do you need me to point out the distinction between the two or are you just trying to be clever. ;)

I'm just trying to be clever. ;)

But really, the last time this was posted was awhile ago, so I don't think it matters if he posts it again or if it's been out for awhile. -_-

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