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Where is this video from?


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Steven said in his book, no one even told him about the award show, he was left out.

steven says alot of things

What he said just might be true.

GN'R appear to be totally unorganised at times, complete with lousy management.

Even now, nothing has changed.

I've never liked the song Patience.

I remember when GN'R played at Rio, and of all the highlights they could of shown have GN'R, they picked Patience and some other song.

The song sounds bad live all the time.

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Other than the outro, that was god awful.

I liked his vocals on this version better than the studio...

The vocals weren't bad, if anything that was the only alright part about it. The guitars just sound crap, probably not Guns' fault but the soundboard mix. To me that sounded like some crappy band of 14 year old kids who have just learnt their first song together.

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