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The Funny ass 2010 tour moments thread

The Glow Inc.

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At the Perth show, Axl for some reason said "Bust a Move" at which time Bumble immediately played a few bars from the YoungMC song. I thought it was funny.

At the same show Tommy put on a hard hat from one of the security guys, Axl then sang the words "In The Navy".

The video where Axl wears the KFC bucket. Can't seem to find it!

Good call.

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When Axl came out in a wheelchair in Toronto, leaped out and started singing. The laughing came after the first split second of horror. Unfortunately, I still have not found any video of it.

Best i can find:


thx a lot for the video, I heard about this prank but haven't seen the video before

-there was also a funny video of Axl kicking Ashba in the butt at some gig... maybe sb can find it

maybe it's this moment


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