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The interview is up


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THIS? This is what they called the "FIRST INTERVIEW IN 14 YEARS"?????

WOW. This is SO lame I can't believe it. I actually expected something interesting. Axl has done a lot of chats like that in the past, in 2002 (hello MTV 2002 backstage anyone??), in 2006.

This is fucking lame and they are lying to the people stating it's the first interview in 14 years. This is bullshit. I won't visit their website ever again.

"Oh my god we met that wild legendary pokémon named Axl Rose, it's fucking incredible, he talked to us! He can talk!"

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Guys, chill. Really, the paper was plugging it as the first interview in 14 years because I guess Doc mentioned it, but really - it was just fine. It's just Axl chatting a bit. This was in conjunction with the gig, so he's going to talk about the band and the gig. It wasn't a one-on-one session to grill him about a new album, future plans, or the past.

Just fine, and I noticed that thing about Russia - if that's not a misquote, there's going to be more Russian shows? Cool.

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I enjoyed reading that, what did you find 'boring'? I think some people here expect too much. You especially will find something in the 'interview' and make a new thread about it just to get attention.

He sat down for a few mins to have a chat which I think is pretty cool.

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"It's kinda like going to the gym or something, you know, you don't leave until you feel like you're supposed to."

There's a slight pause before all four members burst out laughing.

"It's just hard to get in the gym," Rose eventually concedes.


yeah i chuckled as well

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Nothing wrong with that article.

I really don't get it - everybody cries for Axl to say something and everytime he does people just complain that it's boring or there's not enough info. Can't please everybody I suppose. Just be happy that he's talking at all. \

Anyays, sounds like the band gets along good backstage - lots of joking around, having fun. Nice to hear.

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