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On the polish site onet.pl I found interview with Merck Mercuriadis.

He denies that he stopped release ChD and he have a talk with Axl abotu this. Although he talk why ChD was making so long (Axl and others musician need to find new place in band after leaving orginal members) and how much energy and money Axl spend on this record. And in his opinnion the only thing that we should judge would be music not time to make it. He thinks that ChD is amazing. And Axl is great artist and very professional and put all heart in things that he does and most of it that Merck hear about Axl is just bullshit.


I'll be try to get english version of this.

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Rough translation by Google:

Several years ago, was loudly about your break up with Guns' N Roses. Axl complained to you that hold your edition of "Chinese Democracy."

That was not true. Anyway, then it explained itself. Note that this album was released almost two years after our paths diverged. But it's understandable, because for so long had to be formed.


For many reasons. When Axl was a member of the original Guns N 'Roses, he knew everybody in the team's role in the team. In the new reality, without any former colleagues, he had to learn it all over again. I take the time it took him. In addition, Axl is a perfectionist.Peoplesay they can not wait for the album 15, 12 or 10 years. For what reason? But do not know all the facts! They have no idea how much time Axl dedicated the album and how much money he had invested in it. The only thing that should be assessed, is itselfMusic . In my opinion, amazing, worth every moment we had to wait for her.

How much is truth in the stories about the difficult nature of Axl?

For professional reasons, I would prefer not to talk that way about their clients , current or former. I'll just say that this great artist, very dedicated to what he does, and very professional. Most of what you hear about him is nonsense.

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