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Little video from twitter


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That was really cool.

"We're Guns N' Roses."

Honestly there was never any doubt in my mind that the current line up is the real deal.

Neither ever any here, ever. However for years we have heard qualms around these parts about press, or Axl doesn't hang out with the band, or they don't get along, etc. Just last week people were talking about Tommy wanting to quit and fed up with Axl...

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Guest Sleeping Like An Angel

they look like a couple of badasses

I agree! They look like a proper band and not the circus from 2002.

I loved it so much. Has Axl gone crazy hes opening up lately to the media!?

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Anyone handy with Photoshop could add Frank and we've got killer band photo.. ;)


I love Ron's look. He looks like a fucking Hell's Angel.

Axl's got a cool Redneck Rocker Indiana Jones look about him

and DJ looks really cool too.

Tommy is Tommy--a veteran Punk Rocker

Fortus looks like he could fit in with T-Rex, he's got a 70s Rocker look about him. Kinda like Ron Wood-ish.

Dizzy looks pretty normal

and Chris is just a fucking nut

They all look awesome.

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Is it me or was Bumblefoot trying way too hard to look cool at the end? He just doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the bands image.

It's you.

Ok it's me! So glad to see them do an interview as a band, hope this line up gets a chance to record new material too.

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