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Josh Freese vs. Brain vs. Frank

Vincent Vega


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Personally, I have to pick Freese. The guy is an amazing drummer with a groove that reminds me of Adler but at the same time a modern feel. A sort of swing to his drumming, at least with A Perfect Circle, which grew out of Guns. He and Billy Howerdel met while they were both in Guns in 1998 and started A Perfect Circle as a side project out of boredom.

I never liked Brain's drumming live and we don't know how much of his work on CD is really "his" since Axl told him to basically mimic Josh. Frank, to me, is just a touring member...Yes, he gets the live parts done a LOT better than Brain but Idk about his studio skills.

We had a member here who said "Bring Back Adler". I say Bring Back Freese.

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