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Gilby Clarke vs. Paul Tobias

Vincent Vega


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Gilby and Paul were (and in Paul's case, still is apparently) the replacement of Izzy as Guns' rhythm guitarist, and in Paul's case replaced Izzy as Axl's co-song writer. While Gilby never wrote with GN'R, he did write with Slash, and has released a couple of solo CDs as well as played on TSI. On the other hand, Paul debuted in Guns playing rhythm to Slash's lead on Sympathy for the Devil and has numerous writing credits on Chinese Democracy, as well as co-writing "Back off Bitch" on UYI , Oh My God, and co-writing the song Shadow of Your Love.

Out of the two replacements, who do you feel was the better one?

Paul's co-writing credits on CD:


Catcher in the Rye



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