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Frank Sinatra


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Normally cigar bars and tribute bands aren't something I care for much...

However! Right off Central Park there's this little spot called the Carnegie Club. It's one of my most favorite places regularly, but on Saturdays? All Blue Eyes, played live, just the way he should be heard. If you're ever in New York, go.

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"Watertown" is one of those cult classics you should have in the collection, or check out once. "Trilogy" has some pretty weird stuff on it, but it also has "New York, New York".

I am hoping one day the Sinatra estate can put a comprehensive collection of songs out on 2 CDs. There's hundreds to choose from, and he rerecorded a bunch of the Capitol era and released it on Reprise. Even making a homemade mix is a pain in the ass.

There's an out of print collection of songs called "Everything Happens to Me" that Sinatra himself picked before he died and wrote liner notes to.

He came from a different era, where he would pick songs that he could identify with,interpret them his way, and make an album out of it. He would be in a studio and have the song finished in one take. He didn't really do rock songs, but he always respected singers and songwriters for their talent, and if he could make it work, he would take it on.

He's easily one of the best entertainers of all time, fortunate to have had him around in our lifetime, and left a massive legacy with us to enjoy. Granted, his later years were notorious for him forgetting words to his songs, but to keep going on the way he did is still incredible.

His son does a pretty good job, and Nancy's had a pretty cool back catalog herself.

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