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Ross Noble on Axl Rose


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this is guy isn't funny at all, he's sort of like a budget version of Russell Brand (a very bad one).

That's what I thought of him when I watched it. He had some funny lines, but in no way should that bit have gone 6 minutes.

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His stand up style really is nothing like Russell Brands at all. Except for they both have long dark hair of course.

Seen Noble live a few times, is obviously always hit and miss from bit to bit given the nature of his pinball machine brain.

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Painfully unfunny.

You want a good British(region) comedian, I´d suggest the following=

Frankie Boyle

Bill Bailey (:D)

Roy Chubby Brown

Tommy Tiernan

Rhod Gilbert

Russell Brand

Jimmy Carr

You ommitted Dara O Briain..fail

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