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Amazing GNR piano covers


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So Ive just stumbled upon this amazing piano player yesterday, while browsing the YouTube, her name is Vika, she a pro musician as far as I understood...Did the covers of 6 or 7 GNR songs but my God was that great!!! The music literally shook me, Ive visited her page on youtube, theres about 400 (FOUR FUCKING HUNDRED) videos with piano covers of rock, metal, alternative songs, all of them performed with deep emotion, sometimes even surpassing the originals...Ive listened for 3 hours I think...Just for fun guys, I have no doubts most of you will enjoy, especially the covers of SOD, TIL and NR...Oh, I forgot to mention, shes not just playing piano parts n bits from the songs...Shes playing the piano as if the whole band was playing, basically playing with 2 hands what usually wouldve been played with 4))....This is awesome....For those of you who'd wanted to listen to piano parts - this is it for you, only ten times better...


Just look in the featured videos

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