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Hello Kitty Axl Rose Tattoo

Little EMO Annie

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I was in the LA area for the Rose parade, and I decided to get a tattoo of a portrait of Axl as Hello Kitty from the Sanrio 50th anniversary art show by this totally awesome artist Plastigod. I went to High Voltage tattoo in Hollywood and they did a totally awesome job. They even posted a pic on thier website. Check it out at www.highvoltagetattoo.com The response has been very positve and I LOVE IT!

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can anyone link to the actual image? I looked on the site but couldn't find it. thanks.

you didnt look hard enough, it's right on the main page....

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wow, its nearly as ugly as this


That is the cutest car I have ever seen.

any idea whats that gonna look like when ur 60? woulda been cute on ur hip or back, on the arm not so much

That's the same thing my friend said, but I wanted people to see it. I will alwys love Hello Kitty. Being 60 is going to suck whether I have a tattoo on my arm or not. I do not look forward to growiing old in America.

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