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Monster Energy Artist Dj Ashba to Electrify Our Nation’s Call to Arms


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This forum will go to shit if the stupidity caries on.

Seriously guys and gals this is lame..... For the "Slashites" post whatever shit Slash is up to in his respective area, and if you wanna talk shit about Axl, do it there. This is the Guns N Roses part of the forum, talking shit about Ron, DJ, Frank, Chris, Dizzy, Axl, Tommy, or Richard is fucking childish.

And for the "Axlites" lets not mention Slash around here no more, or at least make negative remarks about him no more. Seriously, Slash has been over and done with in GNR for fucking years, he has nothing to do with GNR. He seems cool with not caring about GNR anymore, and has moved on, so lets do the same.

*I've been here since 2003, and I've never seen this forum so fucking lame.

Agreed, the amount of idiots, from both sides of the GNR land, has shockingly increased.

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Seriously though. It's getting to the point where every topic has to turn to a Axl/Slash battle.

And what's weird is it's the Slash fans that seemingly start it. I never go on the formers gunners section or the velvet revolver section and post "lol $La$h," or something like that. It's a waste of time.

I never see a topic in Former Gunners turn into a Axl/Slash battle.

If you people wanna talk about Slash, there's a place called Former Gunners, it's to talk about the people who aren't in Guns N' Roses.

This Section is called Guns N' Roses - Discussion and News. To discuss the people who are named in my sig, the current members of Guns N' Roses.

In short, if your only gonna be a negative cupcake, GTFO.

On topic: Cool to see DJ doing something doing the hopefully short downtime of GN'R. Hopefully there's a video of this.

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FUCKING SPEED CHANNEL :fuckyou: :fuckyou: :fuckyou: The fuckers go to commercial just as DJ comes out, then come back just as he finishes I recorded what was broadcast on my camera so not the best, upload will be posted in few min it's only a few bars from the end of DJ performance. Hopefully someone somewhere uploads it some other way that is more complete

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Just curious about something. Does anybody actually really enjoy watching Ashba or anybody else (other than Hendrix) performing the national anthem on guitar? That shit is so played out, imo.

I've never even watched Slash do it. That's how boring the concept is to me.

Lol I have seen Slash you haven't. You are a bad Slash fan and I am telling.

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