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Wall Street Journal CBGB's mention: ZZ Top "one of 5 greatest rock moments"


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Mr. Varvatos has also turned his Bowery store, located in the former site of the legendary CBGB punk nightclub, into something of a destination for music lovers. Amid the cashmere sweaters and sharply tailored suits are Alice Cooper platinum discs, a Captain Fantastic pinball machine, scores of original music posters and books. Many of the sales assistants are musicians. Shoppers, including pals such as Ringo Starr, are invited to take part in impromptu jams that take place on the stage in the middle of the room.

"It is very much in the spirit of music in the Bowery and we have had some legendary times," he says. "Guns N' Roses came to the Bowery store to headline New York Fashion Week and they were meant to perform four songs for me. In the end, they played for two and a half hours solid. It was a complete surprise and an amazing show that was talked about for weeks. One of the guys from ZZ Top said it was one of his five greatest moments in music."


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