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John vs. Paul vs. George vs. Ringo

Vincent Vega


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For me, it's definately George.

Paul had cute, catchy pop songs. John had his emotional, politically conscious material and I have to be honest--Outside of a few songs, I don't really like most of his work. A lot of it is very self indulgent, IMO.

I honestly think Paul, George and Ringo could've--and should've--continued after John left in September '69. Paul wanted the Beatles to continue and I think the band dynamic would've been better without John, who was becoming obsessed with Yoko and basically doing whatever she wanted him to. I've read many of George's songs on All Things Must Pass were songs he had put on the side for years as a Beatle, feeling they wouldn't be accepted, and that album is a total win.

George's material had the most heart, the most soul, the most mysticism of all of the other guys. Paul comes in second because I love his catchy tunes. He and George could've continued the Beatles in a great direction.

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George. Best player and lyricist, and if not for that, then for All Things Must Pass.

Not only that, but George also seems like the nicest person of them (besides Ringo).

John for all his talent was IMO an incredible asshole. He abused his first wife, left her and abandoned his son and didn't give a shit about Julian. Even referred to his son publicly as simply being the result of a whiskey bottle on a Saturday night to a major magazine, in public--Imagine how that made Julian feel! Plus he became so self righteous with his anti-war causes and hypocritical--Imagine no possessions while I'm living in my mansion. He became a typical Hollywood type celebrity, the proto-Bono. He'd be right there with her adopting kids from Africa if he was alive because it's cool to do. He supported socialist causes, and was anti-Vietnam and rode that popular cause even though his country wasn't even involved in Vietnam.

John also ensured that the Beatles didn't play at Woodstock. He demanded his "Plastic Ono Band" play as well as the Beatles or it was a no go. They could've played at Woodstock if not for him, once again, allowing his obsession and submission to Yoko come in the way of a good decision.

George was the Beatles' heart. He was the best.

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