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GN'R Revisited EP (2010).


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Sorry if posted before. cant figure out the search funtion. I remember a while hearing back hearing the If the world mash up a while back, but now theres a handful. And I just have to say theyre all incredible. Bottom line - I need to know where to get the mp3s so I can throw away contraband, libertad slashs solo album, and honestly, maybe even chinese democracy. These guys nee to reunite and this is the proof. Just need the mp3s please.


This is the proof. These mashups are unreal. and I need to make a cd of it. The comments on the youtube pages are months old in cases so I assume many have heard these, so again, i apologze in advance. Thank you for your time.

I cant post more than one video at once, so please do yourself a favor and listen to very song with GNR revisited Ep (2010) If you havent heard every one of those songs you need to now. Every single mashup proves that the original gnr guys need to get back together to create the best songs theyre capable of creating. Thats what makes the original gnr so fucking special. God these songs make me so excited.

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