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Joe Satriani

Calm Like A Bomb

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I used to listen to this a lot. It is still one of my favourite albums.

Check this documentary out:

Some good stuff in there. About this album, he said "let's serve the guitar up on a silver platter" and he did

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To me this album is the greatest instrumental album to have ever been made. Not only does it have the classic songs such as SWTA and SB but it also has the awesome Lords Of Karma which is my personal favourite. What do you guys think of the album and do you the think it's Satrianis best work?

great album. i think it is his best work.

do you have the remastered disc or the original? i've got an early "Nimbus" mastered pressing and it is pure ear candy.

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I've got the remastered version. It's an album I can play on repeat and never get bored of it

man, get on eBay and try to find the original version. it sounds so much better than the remaster.

it's quieter, but much more balanced and dynamic. when you crank it, it really rocks.

here's one for $7.49 plus shipping:


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