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I wonder what people's guilty pleasures are, they watch but don't tell. I'll admit to Celebrity Rehab, I can't not watch that show.

But as far as respectable tv, I think Dexter, House, Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men and Entourage are good shows. For comedy I like Family Guy and Big Bang Theory once in a while.

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I want to start watching Dexter,because I've heard so much about it on this board, in the papers, mags, friends etc.

but i fucked around and was reading a coworkers email with her a couple of weeks back and unbeknownest to me, it contained a big spoiler.

i asked my gf, who watches the show, how big of a spoiler was it, and she said it was huge.

so now i'm debating whether or not should make the effort.

for the record the spoiler was

his wife is killed
.....keep in mind i've never watched one episode of the show, so i don't know how big of a give away that is, but my gf and friend assure me that it is big.

what say you guys?

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Watch Deadwood! Fucking amazing and it's been off the air for a while so you can probably avoid any major spoilers.

The spoiler you mention about Dexter probably isn't that much of a biggy as far as overall season plots are concerned though. You'll have no idea when it happens and it doesn't really affect the plot.

It happens after the plot arc of the season has already concluded.

I've already seen all of deadwood....i think i bumped the thread here a couple weeks go; but thanks for the info.

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it's always sunny in in philadelphia

and a comedy series with a drug twist from england called 'Ideal', its great (can be found on demonoid)

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